Nigerian Artists: Times Square Newyork.

In recent times, Nigerian artistes have been catching the eyes of many tourists and passers-by at the popular Times Square, Newyork City with their cover art covering the billboards. Artistes such as Tiwa Savage, Fireboydml, Rema, Runtown to mention a few have covered the timessquare billboard. This is a big deal because these billboards have been known to promote top artists like Beyonce, JayZ, Mariah Carey and the likes: Top billing events such as the Super Bowl, the US open: Top Fortune 500 brands as well.

Times Square is located in Newyork City and is a major tourist attraction that hosts the popular crossover party every New years eve where a time ball is descended from rooftop after counting down into the New year. This event usually includes live entertainment and performances by musicians.

If you ever find yourself in Times Square, remember to put on a smile because you could look up and see yourself displayed on a billboard screen.


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