#AfricanQueen : The series featuring @JokeSilva Award winning #Nollywood veteran actress who’s featured in awesome local & foreign movies for over three decades. She also runs ‘Lufodo Theatre Academy’ with her husband, ‘Olu Jacobs’ of over 35 years. #Stereogoddess #Series

Nigerian award winning veteran actress, Joke Silva is our African queen this month. She is also a director, and businesswoman. Her film career began in the early 1990’s. In 1998, she had a major role, starring alongside Colin Firth and Nia Long in the British-Canadian film ‘The Secret Laughter of Women’. In 2006, she won “Best Actress in a Leading Role” at the 2nd ‘Africa Movie Academy Awards’ (AMA) for her performance in Women’s Cot, and “Best Actress in a Supporting Role” at the 4th Africa Movie Academy Awards in 2008 for her performance as a grandmother in ‘White Waters’ and has since won several other awards.

A few years ago, she shared how devastated she was when she discovered her adoption papers and found out that she was adopted. Joke Silva runs a theatre academy (LUFODO) with her husband of over 35years who is also a Nollywood Actor, Olu Jacobs.

We hope to see more blockbuster projects from Joke Silva.

-The Stereogoddess Team.


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