Nigerian Artistes: #TimesSquare #Newyork. @tiwasavage @iruntown @fireboydml @heisrema @burnaboy #Music

In recent times, Nigerian artistes have been catching the eyes of many tourists and passers-by at the popular Times Square, Newyork City with their cover art covering the billboards. Artistes such as Tiwa Savage, BurnaBoy, Fireboydml, Rema, Runtown to mention a few have covered the timessquare billboard.

This is a big deal because these billboards have been known to promote top artists like Beyonce, JayZ, Mariah Carey and the likes: Top billing events such as the Super Bowl, the US open: Top Fortune 500 brands as well. Times Square is located in Newyork City and is a major tourist attraction that hosts the popular crossover party every New years eve in the United States of America where a time ball is descended from a rooftop after counting down into the New year. This event usually includes live entertainment and performances by musicians.

If you ever find yourself in Times Square, remember to put on a smile because you could look up and see yourself displayed on a billboard screen.


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